Small Carp



At Essex Carp Syndicates, we take the future of our fisheries seriously and focus on organic growth, from our English stock , we have blood-lines within    our stocks from:

  • leney
  • Galacian
  • Dinkesbuehl
  • Harrows
  • Horseshoe/orchid
  • Fishers pond
  • Sutton-at-hone

Since 2012 , we have been collecting eggs organically from our ponds and growing on the fry on our own sites , after a few weeks we grade our fish for the first time where we select our chosen few to on grow , where we hope these hand selected carp will be our future big fish , ranging from C1s to C4s we are not only looking for growth and scaling but also body shape and longevity , to further our stocks across our lakes.