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It’s every anglers dream to run a fishery , Its a clear ambition of everyone involved in ours to make our syndicates and our day ticket lake friendly communitys for like minded anglers.

The company consists of two main people who both have a direct input into the lakes and there management.
Leading the company are myself (mitch) and jamie (gardy) with over 65 years between us in fisheries .

The largest of our carp fisheries is THE RISE it was formed in 2006 and in a very short time has gained a reputation for being a well run carp fishery in beautiful surroundings situated in the essex countryside , with 20+ fish now over the magic 40lb mark.

THEMILL syndicate lake is 9 acres in size and was dug as a typical wet gravel pit in 03/04 and had extensive landscaping in 2005 the lake is around 4 - 17ft deep and it has reeds , trees, bushes, and lilies pads all around its margins , we have over 160 fish present In the lake with a few well over the magic thirty pounds mark , we also have well over 40 x fish that go 20lb - 29lb plus , all these fish are all very very scaley



The day ticket lake is 3 acres in size and has an average depths of 6 -15 feet. With carp in excess of 40lb, our wide and varied fish stocks include an abundance of Carp, Tench 7lb , Bream to 10lb +, Roach, Rudd, grass Carp 20lb plus , Chub, and Pike to 25lb plus and a few cats.

ALL Our Carp Syndicates and our day ticket lake are situated in Essex , there are a wealth of features in every one of the swims on all three lakes , all the lakes have had recent makeovers with the main attention being made to the swims , paths , planting etc

Thanks Mitch and Jamie.